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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Ravings is a little rethinking and concept of what fear is.

This game is a prototype, I need your help so that I can implement all my ideas. thanks.


  • Found bugs in the game? drop me a line on twitter or in the comments!
  • I keep developing despite the silence on social media.
  • Enjoy your game, my friend!



Despite the fact that the game is completely free, you can throw a couple of coins for steam page.  Leave reviews on Ravings, I read and comment on absolutely everything!


CPU i3 3240 2.13 GHzCPU i5 2300 2.5 GHz
GPU GT 730 2048mbGPU RX 550 4028mb
RAM 4GBRAM 8GB and more
DISK 6GB free spaceDISK 6GB free space


Best Regards Michael Derek.


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Ravings Demo 1 GB
Ravings Demo 0.2 (Linux Os) 1 GB
Ravings Demo 0.2 (Mac Os) 1 GB

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good game my guy!

Hello kevallstar72, thanks for filming the video on the game and appreciating it, I am very pleased!

Nice game :)


Hello Tesseption, thanks for playing the game, you are great!

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amazing game can't wait for more!!

Micheal derek hope u see this video.

Hi MarlonxAssassin, I am very pleased that you made a video of the game, you are the best.

But I have a sad story, unfortunately my pc is not capable of life and now I have to somehow cope with this problem.

The guys who threw off the money, you are my saviors, I have not forgotten about you and will fulfill all the promises that I gave. not only will I return but also Ravings with new updates.

Best wishes Michael Derek


I really loved this game and can't wait for more! I hated to turn every corner in case I got jumped! Great work.

Hello jollyjohnshow, thanks for playing Ravings, glad you enjoyed the game.

this game has a lot of potential, the assets look good and with it being a demo the atmosphere that it built wasnt bad. The only complaint i have is that the jump scares were kind of cheap. other than that it was great! (Game starts at 8:43)

Hello Cringe Couch, thanks for believing in the potential of the game, I will try to make the game better and show you and other great players that the expectations were worth the candle!

Had fun with this one XD thanks for developing this! Here's my playthrough: 

Hello JokiGAME, I'm glad you liked the game, you are great!

iwas suppose to make a vid before but i couldnt find the flashlight but after another try i found it...great job making the game everything was good

Hello lucidthasensei thanks for playing Ravings, this is very important

I will be honest, it was a interesting game and i see what you were trying to do but as an experienced horror gameplayer it wasn't too scary at all, but as this is a demo I SEE ALL the things it could become! Keep working on the game :)

Hello LeMuffinGamer, thanks for the great video, you are the best

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The Demo 0.2 for Mac din't run in my macOS Mojave. Is Catalina or Big Sur needed?

Edit: I forgot to add execution rights to the executable... all zipped apps need to.

I'm glad you went through the installation!

This was a WHOLE lot of fun! I had an amazing time! My only bit of feedback is to have an actual ending but I loved it! I hope you enjoy my video :D 

Hello CKob, I'm glad that the project was fun, this is one of the most important feelings that I try to achieve!

Why is the dining room/kitchen/living room and some hallway layout so close to being identical to the RE7 baker residence?

Good question)

In fact, I was very inspired by Re and wanted to make it similar in atmosphere, but as for the location of the rooms, they make little sense. This is a maze with a simple task to get out of the house, I'll try to finish the rest

Obviously, there was not a lot to see in the demo, but it creates this amazing tension and you expect something to happen all the time. I was literally scaring myself... I loved it! Keep going on - fix the bugs, add stuff - and it's gonna be a pretty decent game! Thank you! 

Hello ThatRussianGamerGuy, thanks for your positive feedback, it's very important.

Update coming soon!

yeeeeaaaahhh, about those doors....
Kidding aside, I think this game still needs more polishing.
but, for its alpha state I couldn't blame it.

perdí 40 minutos de mi vida, quiero que me los devuelva.

Hola Drevja, lo siento si no te gustó el juego. Visite este proyecto más tarde, habrá actualizaciones frecuentes y ¡puede cambiar de opinión! Que tenga un lindo día

Really enjoyed this game, just a couple of things that stuck out to me, but I talk about it at the end of my playthrough if you would like to check it out! 

Hello swift3dge, I'm glad that you liked the game in the end, I will definitely watch your video to the end to find out in more detail!

I really enjoyed it, the spooks really got me! Looking forward to the full release!

Nice Game!Keep up the good work!

Hello Gleisther, thanks for the positive feedback, doing a massive update. Hope you and other players enjoy it in the future!

Overall a good start! Not a bad experience, but it definitely could use some polish. There's a lot to say, so I'd appreciate it if you'd check out the video. I might come off a little harsh in my dialogue, but in the end, I wish the best for your game. I understand how hard making a game can be, as I have made some myself. Keep working at it!

Hello Pogesque, I am very glad that you liked the game, and I will definitely watch your video.

I will try to polish the game and make it better. Thanks again

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Hi there fellow dev

I played your game

By the looks of the screenshots your game looked nice, but unfortunately, I got a little disappointed.

As a player, you basically only have to go through hallways reading notes and collecting keys.

When I got to the numpad without knowing the combination I stopped playing. Usually I don’t give up on games.

I have written some feedback for you. This is my personal opinion. I hope you can use some of it.


  • The game was running smooth.
  • I didn’t encounter any bugs.


  • The drag system to open doors was a little annoying. I would suggest only to use the “E” to open. And then let the door stay open afterwards, unless someone haunts the house and closes them of course.
  • Every room looked the same. Very monotonous experience for the player.
  • No backstory. Why is the player in the house and what’s his purpose?
  • The radios were very loud. And I could hear them all over the house. I suggest you make some audio zones. So, the player only can hear the audio, when he’s in the zone. The sound effects are definitely something you can work with. Perhaps some creaking floors, whispers, footsteps etc. You should try and make them spawn randomly around the player. Also, some ambience audio such as music to play in the background.  
  • The jumpscares were misplaced. It seems like they were only there because it’s a horror game. I suggest you make some creepy tension at first, then put in jumpscares later on. I know this is hard. I’m struggling with this myself.    

I’m curious to know about your plans for the game. And I would love to play again, when you have developed some more content.

Keep it up


Hi Aces Games, I am very glad that you liked the game and that you appreciated it.

As for the points that you described.

1. This is a door opening system, you ask me, but this system was immediately calculated and so conceived for the game, I will not change it.

2. This game is a demo and I will try to make the world more interactive.

3. The background has been made so far for show, but this is also planned.

4. Sound from the radio, this is unfortunately a bug. But I'm already trying to fix it!

5. Sorry, but I don't agree with you here either, I specifically asked my friends to test these jumps in almost all places, and we made a general decision that they were chosen well.

Thanks for your feedback, it is really very helpful. Thank you

Regards Michael Derek

I’m glad you found my feedback helpful.

Take care

Thanks you!

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Good Demo, but not too scary in my opinion. I hope it will be even scarier when Full Game comes out. For the key, highlight it so it’s easy to see and The location of the game it is better not to be similar to the Baker Main House. Ooh, to open the door I hope don’t drag it but just press one button to do it, this is better.

But I still enjoyed, I like the Controller Support, Great work!

Hello KendoGunSop, thanks for your positive feedback. I will accept your wishes, but I do not promise that I will change everything.


Disclaimer: I played the game before the 0.2 update. The game looks and sounds nice. I appreciate the controller support and how the controls function in the game. The second jump scare got me pretty good.

If you plan on making the game longer, it might benefit from a sprint button. The dark hallway behind the red light was extremely dark and I couldn't really see. Maybe, a flashlight could be added or it could be lightened up?

I totally derped on the code lock trying to reset it thought, lol. That was all me though and not an issue with the game!

Overall, I enjoyed the demo and I think it has the potential to turn into a really great game. Keep up the good work, dev!

Hi Lady Random, there is a sprint in the game like a flashlight, but the flashlight is simply not very good location and few people found it

Thanks for the great comment, I am very pleased

Great job!

Thanks for letting me know, I totally missed the flashlight and sprint button.

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This was a great demo! There are definitely things that could be added to make it feel more unique, but for what it is, this is a very enjoyable experience! Great work! 


Hello Adrioniс, I am very glad that you played the game and you liked it, I am watching your channel and thought that you missed my letter. Thanks again for such a great video!

good to play keep up the good work cant wait to see what you do next

Hello luciferconspiracygames, thanks for the positive answer, I will try to make ravings better!

you are welcome keep up the good work

Played this yesterday, I can now see that you're planning on updating again soon so I shall deffo be revisiting.
Really enjoyed it, creeped me out a little bit, I'm looking forward to the final product!
The atmosphere was fantastic and the graphics are fabulous, I did have to turn them down from ultra to high cos it started lagging a little bit, but I don't mind that!
I would love there to be more jumpscares, is the scary looking monster lookinmg thing in your picture going to come into play? Because that would be insane!!

Keep up the great work!

Here's my playthrough :)

Hello Sashtopia, thank you for such warm and pleasant words, I am very pleased!

As for the game, I try to update and maintain it frequently. I have very big plans for Ravings, so I hope I won't disappoint you.

Thank you for such a cool video, I really liked it, keep it up!

New update is coming my friends! Prepare your gamepads and mice, it will be hot🔥

Hey Micheal, I enjoyed playing the game it was very fun to play through. There was some glitches such as when I was reading the notes and pressed escape I couldn’t move I wasn’t too sure what caused it. Then some of the tiles on ceilings weren’t lined up. I enjoyed the attention to detail, and how well the game played through. I can’t wait to see more keep up the great work.  

Hi J-BAIR, unfortunately you played the old version. There were many shortcomings in it, but I'm still glad that you really liked it. That's cool!

Hey Michael! Thanks so much for making this game, I honestly had fun exploring the house and getting scared of the jumspcares! Real quality graphics, sounds and reactions in this game. So much potential for a DEMO. I left a bit of feedback on your game in my gameplay below:


Hello Aniizul, I am very glad that you enjoyed the demo. Great video, you are super!

Looking good so far! Mac M1 Gameplay!

This game HAS POTENTIAL!!!

Hello theartist, thank you for believing in the project. It is very important!

It's all about forward progress! I look forward to future updates!


Sorry guys, but starting February 24th the game won't be free of charge. On February 24 at 0:00 I will change the monetization feature of Brad, now the game will cost $ 4.99 and now I will explain why.

I work alone and I need resources to develop all my ideas and show more people ideas. If you buy the game, I can make a page on Steam, buy resources for higher quality and have more energy to develop the game. In return for the purchase of the game you will immediately receive a key when it comes out on steam, you do not have to buy again. I will add to the credits everyone who bought the game on the "Demo" status.

Don't get me wrong, I want to make Ravings better and without you it will be very difficult. Thanks to everyone who left and leaves feedback on Ravings, whether you like the game or not, it is very valuable to me. You are best!

In honor of the fact that the game is now paid, but some do not have the opportunity to buy, I will give 30 Ravings keys on my Twitter to those who subscribe to me. Immediately after subscribing, you will receive an instant key.

  • If we collect $ 100, I immediately launch the page on steam
  •   Updates will continue to be released, but with a slight delay.

Best regards Michael Derek.

Subscribe to my social networks to be one of the first to be aware of all the news!


Best of luck! Also, I found a bug! I can’t add to my steam wishlist o^o (I am only joking) But Seriously man, Best of luck!

Hahah thanks Andy Arachne, I really need luck now! :)

I am already working on the errors that you described. thank

Loved your game brother!

Hello dear Mard-E-Momin, glad you visited the itch io page, you are great!

Aye, and thanks for giving me the suggestion to make an account here, much appreciated advice! 

I am always glad to help, write here more often. Now you are in trend😎

Will do!


Beat the game.  Keep up the great work Michael!!!

Excellent passage, you are the best!


Hi namelessronin, I'm glad you liked it, thanks for your positive feedback!

Hi Mike! I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for having made this and for reaching out to me to play it. I can't wait to see more from this game and your future projects. Thank you again for the hard work and much love! 


Hello dear Leoharp, I am very glad that you responded to my letter and decided to play Ravings. You are the best!

I am glad to have been able to experience and feel free to let me know whenever you make more projects! 


So far, no new projects are planned, I want to complete Ravings and The Last Survivor!

That's still good to hear. I wish you the best in their completion. You've done well with the details and the quality so far. I can tell you are going to make even more accomplishments! 


It will be a very long and thorny path, thank you for believing in me and always supporting me, this is very valuable to me! :)

Is this available in VR? This is what VR is made for in my opinion. Take the fear factor +5

Hello dear LordHill, I dream of making a horror vr, but unfortunately I don't have such large resources for creating a vr.

if I was well off, I would help lol, unfortunately I'm in the same boat. 

Keep up the good work buddy.. Gained a follower

Hahaha, thank you!

Fantastic game, I really enjoyed playing it, please subscribe to my channel, I need support, you will like my channel, thank you friends:Placebogames - YouTube

Hello dear Placebogames, I am very glad that you liked the game, I signed up and liked it!

This game was very good and it made me jump quite a bit. I encountered one bug when I got stuck in the door. But other than that it was a pretty solid game and scary!


Hello dear Nastronaut, thanks for such kind words, I will definitely try to solve the bug with the door, if it was not just an accident.

Regards Michael Derek

Really liked the game, I did scream a lot, but I am a big baby. But yeah super enjoyed this, can't wait for more.:D

Thank you for your feedback, I will improve the game!

And thank you for such kind words, I am very grateful that you played!

Creepy atmosphere nice game

Hello tamturk, thanks for playing the game, I like it :)

wow new update already! nice game btw here my video, sorry late. Subscribe my channel ^_^

Hello NexusRed91, thanks for uploading the video, you are on time!

I will definitely subscribe!

But unfortunately you played the old version. Better go through, you will not regret it

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